Today we talked about our 10 minute show. I am doing mine on How To Baseball. I am going to go over different pitching styles, batting stances, how to correctly catch a ball, and the correct stance on how to field a ball. Then after that we did rotations with the production crew. a


In the course, we have talked about a number of things. We have learned about cameras, and how to set up cameras. We have learned how to strike cameras. We learned what striking meant. We learned how to be audio engineers. We also learned how the cycle of the news studio went. We are starting to work on our Vo’s, which I think that recording it really smooth.

I am a student at the university of Texas at Tyler. My major is Kinesiology, and my minor is sports communication. When I first came into college, I thought that I new what I wanted to do. I wanted to be an Athletic trainer. I then thought about it, and since changed my mind about what I want to. I want to use the Communications minor to be a sports reporter. That is why I am taking classes like Video Production, and other classes that are geared toward my minor.